Skilled Regional Visa

Subclass 887

If you have already lived and worked in specified areas of regional Australia, then you may be eligible for this permanent Skilled Regional Visa (Subclass 887).

The Skilled Regional Visa (Subclass 887) is a permanent visa for individuals who have an eligible visa, have lived for at least two years and worked for at least one year in a specified regional area of Australia.
It has higher priority for processing of applications, and it may be easier for you to find job opportunities.

For this visa, you must:

  • Be in Australia.
  • Have held one of the following visas for at least two years at some time before applying:
    • Skilled Regional (Provisional) visa (Subclass 489)
    • Skilled Independent Regional (Provisional) visa (Subclass 495)
    • Skilled Designated Area Sponsored (Provisional) visa (Subclass 496)
    • Skilled Regional Sponsored visa (Subclass 475 or 487) or
    • Bridging Visa A or Bridging Visa B after applying for a Subclass 495, 487 or 489.
  • Have lived in the specified regional area of Australia for at least two years.
  • Have worked full time in a specified regional area for at least one year
  • Meet health and character requirements.

Grant of this permanent visa lets you stay, work and study in Australia.
You get the benefit to enrol in Medicare, Australia’s scheme for health-related care and expenses.
You can travel to and from Australia for five years.

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