Partner Visa

Do you want to begin your new life in Australia with your partner, spouse, de facto or fiancée?
If Yes, then you must apply for one of the Partner Visa depending on your current relationship and location.
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Partner Visa have two categories depending on the type of relationship:

Prospective Marriage visa (Prospective Marriage/Fiancee Visa Subclass 300)
It can only be applied for and granted outside Australia

Partner Visa
The visas applied for within this migration stream are:

  • Spouse/De facto Partner Visas Subclass 820/801 (In Australia)
  • Spouse/De facto Partner Visas Subclass 309/100 (Outside Australia)

The Partner Visa allows Australian citizens, permanent residents, or eligible New Zealand citizens to sponsor their partners to join them in Australia for a new beginning. Partner refers to fiancée, spouse, and de facto partners. For your partner to reside permanently in Australia, you must first apply for a permanent visa and be assessed against the legal criteria for the grant of that visa.

The Spouse/De facto Partner Visas includes two steps:
First, ‘Provisional’ Partner Visa:

  • Subclass 820 for applications in Australia
  • Subclass 309 for applicants outside Australia

Then, after a qualifying period (two years) on the provisional visa has passed Partner Visa (Migrant) application is made:

  • Subclass 801 (holders of the Subclass 820 Visa in Australia)
  • Subclass 100 (holders of the Subclass 309 Visa outside Australia)


As per the DIBP, the processing time for the most Temporary Partner (Subclass 820)  and Permanent Partner (Subclass 801)  applications has increased to 18 to 20 months from the date of lodgement. An incomplete application or missing document may result in further delay of the outcome and can be a hurdle for a happy new beginning of your life.

However, the decision ready applications which are supported by all the required documents have higher priority for onshore applicants.

It is very important to make sure that all the requirements are met, especially the supporting documents. Right guidance can help you avoid mistakes and save money.
Your dedicated partner visa specialist at Gate Migration guides you through every step of the application process. We help you prepare your supporting documents which make the key for the successful application.

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