Parent Visa

New Temporary Parent Visa
Introduction of new 5 years Temporary Parent visa
On Friday 5 May 2017, the Government confirmed that subject to the passage of relevant legislation, the temporary sponsored parent visa will be introduced during the 2017-18 Migration Programme year.

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Parent Visa

The Parent visa lets the parents live in Australia permanently to be with their children.


The application must be sponsored by one of their children who must be an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen.
The sponsor (child) must be ‘settled’ in Australia. Settled usually means in Australia for at least two years.
Parents must satisfy health and character requirements and provide Assurance of Support (AoS).
Parents must meet Balance of the Family test.

There are two main streams of visas

  • Parent Visa ( Subclass 103/804 – Without Contribution): Under the standard parent visa, only limited number of visas are granted every financial year. Once all the requirements for the grant of parent visa are fulfilled, eligible parents make an application and then wait for approximately 30 years in the queue to be assessed.
    While waiting for an offshore Parent visa to be processed, the parents can apply for a Tourist visa to visit their children in Australia.
    Parent (non-contributory) visa applications have the lowest processing priority than other visas in the family stream such as partners, children, and contributory parent visas
    The processing time for this visa is too long.
  • Contributory Parent Visa (Subclass 864/ Subclass 143): The Contributory Parent visa is expensive as it requires making a deposit to the Australian government. This visa is processed in approximately 2 to 4 years, and the parents will become a permanent resident when the payment is made.
    The Contributory Parent visa category also has two different pathways:

    • Single Stage Application: Apply directly for permanent residency, and the visa application charge is paid once.
    • Two Stage Application: Apply first for a temporary visa (Subclass 884 /Subclass 173), and then convert this to permanent residency within two years. The cost can be paid over two years.

The temporary visa grant lets you live in Australia for two years, work and study.
Also, you have benefit to enrol in Medicare along with the travel rights for two years from the date of grant.
Once the permanent visa is granted, applicants would have access to Medicare and full work and travel rights

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